“GOLDEN MILK” – elixir for longevity and immune system boost

There is also something that we fully trust. This is what is called “GOLDEN MILK”! The creators of the recipe say that all the ingredients in it are very useful, time-tested, and very healing.

My first elixir: “Golden Milk” melts cancer cells and guarantees longevity.

It has been known for centuries and is excellent for strengthening the immune system. If you want to boost your immune system, strengthen your bones, joints, and spine relieve arthritis, and in general, if you want to stay healthy, alternative medicine recommends that you prepare golden milk – an ancient Indian drink that guarantees health and longevity and even has the ability to melt cancer. Golden milk also helps with arthritis, has a beneficial effect on the female reproductive organs, increases sleep, and eliminates depression and fatigue.

Ingredients: • Water • Fresh milk – cow or goat / you can have soy as an alternative / • Almond oil • 50 grams of turmeric

Method of preparation: Pour a quarter of a glass of water into a suitable container, add 1/8 teaspoon of turmeric to it, which should be ground into retail. Boil for about 8 minutes. Turmeric has long been known to cure cancer and can be found in all well-stocked and healthy food stores.

Pour 1 cup milk and 2 tablespoons almond oil into a separate bowl. If you have an intolerance to cow’s milk, you can replace it with soy, or even almond. The milk should also boil. Then the two potions are mixed in one place and stirred vigorously until a golden color is obtained. To sweeten the mixture, you can add a spoonful of honey or brown sugar. The golden milk is drunk while still warm.

* Drink once a day for 3 months.

Build Your Own Galileo Health Project for longevity

From the author Galentin Vlahov, journalist and publisher

Dear friends, dear people, you are already asking yourself a lot of questions! 25 years as a journalist for a regional daily newspaper. I can’t count the number of times my heart has “gotten” in my throat! The reason for this feeling was the constant struggle of motives, the free-flowing public lies, everyone bends their truth, stories of people’s tough lives in books and articles, even cigarettes, alcohol, a little sport, and a lot of nerves. A painful struggle for the truth! You, the reader, are the judge and know we won’t stop until we tell you the whole truth. The job of a journalist is to create a document in which all facts have been checked.  The newspaper is a document too! Everything is written, must bear a stamp. Truth and beauty through morality and honesty require sacrifice. All your emotions and struggles to find this truth pass through your heart, but at the same time, this sacrifice can ruin you. Still, always fight for what you believe in.

With rising blood pressure, I started watching the world’s dramas. I’m not alone in the spiral. In the emergency room, victims of hypertension are admitted constantly.

I started to research everything published on the subject. I gathered the views of about 500 professionals from around the world. I applied the ones I believed in my daily life. Today, I have decided to share this information with you, dear readers, because I know it will help you.  It helped me to survive!!!  It is my responsibility to share it with you. Entering the doctor’s cabinet in my 40s with a pounding heart, all I was offered was a drug prescription. I knew there was another way and I spent years finding it, meeting, and speaking with experts who have discovered technologies and principles to keep your heart naturally healthy. I managed to reach the age of 63 with No high blood pressure and No drugs on my bedside lamp. I want the same for you, a healthy stressfree life.

Good luck, my friend in choosing your recipe for longevity, your personalized Galileo Project!

Montignac principles for reducing body fat

The Galileo Project is a combination of 500 experts’ opinions, it is up to you which one you feel is the most suitable for your individual organism. We can only recommend it.

According to the principles of Dr Michel Montignac, we come to… A slim figure while eating delicious and diverse without being restricted? Wow, how amazing. The nutritionist Dr Michel Montignac claims this is absolutely possible!

He presents an effective method for combating obesity. According to Dr Montignac, in most cases, obesity is a consequence of a pancreatic disorder. The nutritionist claims that weight gain begins when, under the influence of various factors (including malnutrition), the pancreas becomes “worn out”, and its essential function (insulin synthesis) is impaired.

The nutrition methodology of Dr. Michel Montignac is aimed at restoring the functions of the pancreas.

Basic Principles: Exclude foods rich in so-called “bad carbohydrates” from your daily menu that increase blood sugar and insulin production. Such foods are white sugar, cakes, sweets and jams. Also avoid the consumption of products that have undergone industrial processing – mainly white flour bread and white rice, spirits, corn and potatoes. Instead, consume foods containing “good carbohydrates”. Unlike the “bad” ones, they are partially absorbed by the body and do not significantly increase the level of glucose in the blood. Foods containing “good carbohydrates” include whole grain, beans and lentils, as well as most fruits and vegetables (lettuce, green beans, leeks, etc.) or, otherwise, rich in fibre and poor in glucose.

  1. Adhere to the principle of separate eating. Never mix “bad carbs” (white bread, flour, and starch products) with lipids (meat, eggs, and vegetable oils) in one meal.
  2. Have breakfast with fruit – they are well absorbed by the body, processed in 15 minutes and stimulate the work of the intestine. The fruit must always be eaten on an empty stomach!
  3. Give up sugar. From… sweet pasta, juices, canned food, candy, etc. The use of sweeteners is permitted but the right ones.
  4. Avoid lipid-containing products until you reach the desired weight. These are nuts, fried potatoes and whole milk products. Limit the intake of sausages and dried meats.
  5. Eat bread and pasta only from whole grains and for breakfast only.
  6. Replace white rice with brown or wild rice.
  7. Eat peas, beans or lentils as a main course for dinner.
  8. Temporarily abstain from all types of alcohol. Avoid strong coffee. Consume as little liquid as possible before and during meals – they will dilute your gastric juices. Prepare fruit juice alone and consume them while they are still fresh. Unlike industrial, freshly squeezed juices are rich in vitamins and low in sugar.
  9. Never miss your main meal. Eat 3 or more times a day, always at a similar hour. The feeling of hunger is unacceptable! Eating regularly, in accordance with Montignac principles, will reduce the likelihood that you will want to eat chips, a burger or something of that kind.
  10. After a carbohydrate-rich lunch, wait at least 3 hours before consuming lipid-containing foods and vice versa.
  11. Eat more dietary fibre: green leafy vegetables and fruits.

The above principles should be strictly observed only during the period of weight loss. When you reach the desired weight, there may be some exceptions. What you should not do in any case is to go back to your previous eating habits. Good luck!

Recipes of Avicenna for Longevity

We want to take you back more than 1000 years ago. Abu Ali al-Hussein ibn Abdallah ibn Sina or Avicenna has left about 45 medical works that are still used today. He leaves us with his view of longevity. Sogdian doctor, physician, philosopher, naturalist, poet, and musician Avicenna, who lived and worked more than 1,000 years ago, thinks the ART OF PROTECTING HEALTH is the key to longevity. And we don’t talk about the art to prevent death, releasing the body from external disasters, or guaranteeing a long life. The purpose of this art is much more modest. It is vital to look for protection against damaging the moisture contained within the body till natural death, and according to Avicenna, this is a means of preserving the human body for longevity.

This goal is achieved by the following three regimens:

  • Replacing the disappearing moisture from the body;
  • Preventing the causes and acceleration of body dryness;
  • Protect existing body moisture from rotting.

How strange! The equilibrium of vital functions, the ancient physician, philosopher, and naturalist directs to the state of moisture in the body. Achieving these factors leads to exuberant health!? But note, these constants are called otherwise regimens.

The main thing in the art of preserving health to achieve longevity – is the balancing of seven factors:

  1. Nature (i.e., the harmony of the body, namely maintaining the temperament of the person in equilibrium).;
  2. Physical and mental movement (i.e., sleep and wakefulness). Avicenna says: “A body that is in motion does not need treatment”;
  3. Choice of beverages and food – it does not even need an explanation: “You are what you eat!”;
  4. Cleansing the body from a surplus (i.e., cleansing the body of toxins is indicated as a necessary need to maintain health);
  5. Protection of the proper fit. Maintaining the body in average weight is noted as an essential health factor, and both overweight and excessive weight loss are criticised;
  6. Improve breathing through the nose. One of the basic conditions for human health, as the great scientist points out, is the environment, especially the cleanliness of the air we breathe;
  7. Adaptation of clothing to the needs of the body. Adherence to rules for wearing adequate clothing is one of the most essential requirements for maintaining human health. Avicenna points out that it is necessary to choose clothes according to the seasons.

Exciting and original is the approach of the great thinker to the modification of the biological processes that take place in the organism during aging: “… from the very beginning we (the body) are the extreme humidity. The drying that happens in our bodies cannot be avoided. When the drying of the inherent moisture ends, then the internal heat is extinguished – the body of the elderly is colder and at the same time, drier.” This is supported by many studies of gerontologists: an aging process leads to dehydration due to a significant reduction in water in the bones and skin – life expectancy depends on body water.

Abu Ali ibn Sina has believed that health is equivalent to the art of life. Avicenna speaks not only about the physical education of children, but also about the usefulness of exercises for adults and the elderly for longevity. Such issues as the different types of exercise, the impact of baths on the body, and also massage, all this the scientist marks as protective factors for health and longevity.

The harmony of your beliefs

Today hundreds of millions of people worldwide suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure). On your first visit to the cardiologist, you get a prescription that has to be fulfilled for the rest of your life. You are already interested in whether you can change this fate, but you are confronted with statistics.

Oh! More than a quarter of people over 30 years of age are already hypertensives. Nearly 1.5 billion people on the planet suffer from high blood pressure. The average age of patients is getting lower. 8 million a year die or fall into an incapacitated state. The World Health Organisation has been alerted to this problem, and doctors have to take care of you along with the thriving business of pharmaceutical companies.

“The Galileo Project.”  Our model of deliverance from this cruel problem of civilization is something NEW. All the researchers, scientists, doctors, and nutritionists, who have contributed with their ideas to this book, have different concepts on this issue and we will be showing you their theories so you can make your own decisions and create your “Galileo Project”.  More than 500 opinions are combined into our health guide, all with one aim – Your Health!

World Health Organisation:  “Hypertension – or elevated blood pressure – is a serious medical condition that significantly increases the risks of heart, brain, kidney, and other diseases. Approximately 1 in 4 adults worldwide has high blood pressure. It is projected to affect more than 1.13 billion people around the world by 2025. The Global Burden of Disease 2015 report estimated that high blood pressure was responsible for 10.7 million deaths worldwide.”

You need a new world view. That is why we are publishing this book – “The Galileo Project“, named after the discoverer! If you understand what is said in it, it will be your guide to final deliverance from this scourge of society – high blood pressure. We managed to find a way to escape “this trap” and we want to share all the principles we followed with you because we believe you can do it too.

Finally, we will talk a little bit more about philosophy, the thought or awareness of your spirit and your psyche. When you first discover that you are suffering from high blood pressure, this means that you have breached the natural balance in your body. Does it mean that really!? Yes, not someone else, but you did that. To bring back the natural balance of your body, to become healthy again, it is important to go through some regimens of food and water intakes, change your lifestyle, and do even the minimum exercise so you can proudly state: “ Yes, my heart is healthy again!”

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