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According to the principles of Dr Michel Montignac, we come to… A slim figure while eating delicious and diverse without being restricted? Wow, how amazing. The nutritionist Dr Michel Montignac claims this is absolutely possible!

He presents an effective method for combating obesity. According to Dr Montignac, in most cases, obesity is a consequence of a pancreatic disorder. The nutritionist claims that weight gain begins when, under the influence of various factors (including malnutrition), the pancreas becomes “worn out”, and its essential function (insulin synthesis) is impaired.

The nutrition methodology of Dr. Michel Montignac is aimed at restoring the functions of the pancreas.

Basic Principles: Exclude foods rich in so-called “bad carbohydrates” from your daily menu that increase blood sugar and insulin production. Such foods are white sugar, cakes, sweets and jams. Also avoid the consumption of products that have undergone industrial processing – mainly white flour bread and white rice, spirits, corn and potatoes. Instead, consume foods containing “good carbohydrates”. Unlike the “bad” ones, they are partially absorbed by the body and do not significantly increase the level of glucose in the blood. Foods containing “good carbohydrates” include whole grain, beans and lentils, as well as most fruits and vegetables (lettuce, green beans, leeks, etc.) or, otherwise, rich in fibre and poor in glucose.

  1. Adhere to the principle of separate eating. Never mix “bad carbs” (white bread, flour, and starch products) with lipids (meat, eggs, and vegetable oils) in one meal.
  2. Have breakfast with fruit – they are well absorbed by the body, processed in 15 minutes and stimulate the work of the intestine. The fruit must always be eaten on an empty stomach!
  3. Give up sugar. From… sweet pasta, juices, canned food, candy, etc. The use of sweeteners is permitted but the right ones.
  4. Avoid lipid-containing products until you reach the desired weight. These are nuts, fried potatoes and whole milk products. Limit the intake of sausages and dried meats.
  5. Eat bread and pasta only from whole grains and for breakfast only.
  6. Replace white rice with brown or wild rice.
  7. Eat peas, beans or lentils as a main course for dinner.
  8. Temporarily abstain from all types of alcohol. Avoid strong coffee. Consume as little liquid as possible before and during meals – they will dilute your gastric juices. Prepare fruit juice alone and consume them while they are still fresh. Unlike industrial, freshly squeezed juices are rich in vitamins and low in sugar.
  9. Never miss your main meal. Eat 3 or more times a day, always at a similar hour. The feeling of hunger is unacceptable! Eating regularly, in accordance with Montignac principles, will reduce the likelihood that you will want to eat chips, a burger or something of that kind.
  10. After a carbohydrate-rich lunch, wait at least 3 hours before consuming lipid-containing foods and vice versa.
  11. Eat more dietary fibre: green leafy vegetables and fruits.

The above principles should be strictly observed only during the period of weight loss. When you reach the desired weight, there may be some exceptions. What you should not do in any case is to go back to your previous eating habits. Good luck!