From the author Galentin Vlahov, journalist and publisher

Dear friends, dear people, you are already asking yourself a lot of questions! 25 years as a journalist for a regional daily newspaper. I can’t count the number of times my heart has “gotten” in my throat! The reason for this feeling was the constant struggle of motives, the free-flowing public lies, everyone bends their truth, stories of people’s tough lives in books and articles, even cigarettes, alcohol, a little sport, and a lot of nerves. A painful struggle for the truth! You, the reader, are the judge and know we won’t stop until we tell you the whole truth. The job of a journalist is to create a document in which all facts have been checked.  The newspaper is a document too! Everything is written, must bear a stamp. Truth and beauty through morality and honesty require sacrifice. All your emotions and struggles to find this truth pass through your heart, but at the same time, this sacrifice can ruin you. Still, always fight for what you believe in.

With rising blood pressure, I started watching the world’s dramas. I’m not alone in the spiral. In the emergency room, victims of hypertension are admitted constantly.

I started to research everything published on the subject. I gathered the views of about 500 professionals from around the world. I applied the ones I believed in my daily life. Today, I have decided to share this information with you, dear readers, because I know it will help you.  It helped me to survive!!!  It is my responsibility to share it with you. Entering the doctor’s cabinet in my 40s with a pounding heart, all I was offered was a drug prescription. I knew there was another way and I spent years finding it, meeting, and speaking with experts who have discovered technologies and principles to keep your heart naturally healthy. I managed to reach the age of 63 with No high blood pressure and No drugs on my bedside lamp. I want the same for you, a healthy stressfree life.

Good luck, my friend in choosing your recipe for longevity, your personalized Galileo Project!