My dear reader!
We were about to finalize our book when the COVID19 infection hit the world. Everything quickly went out of its normality, people were shocked and their rhythm of life was significantly disturbed. The virus has forced us to stay home and rethink our goals, purposes, responsibilities, how we respond to life, and how we build our future. As we wrote this guide for you, we wanted to encourage you to do the same. We wanted you to review your understanding of lifestyles and values. And suddenly the pandemic did it for us, making us appreciate our health even more!! Today we reaffirm that it is vital to spend more time on your own, build your own HEALTH PROJECT, and discover principles and technologies to keep your health at a high level. With this book, we also aimed to change your priorities, lifestyle, and values, so that you can learn how to treat your organism better by paying attention to the world and the environment you surround yourself with. 
COVID19 ’didn’t even give us a choice.
The book became even more relevant in the situation as it is people with high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes who are most vulnerable to such challenges! Züddeutz Zeitung newspaper said that according to the autopsies of COVID-19 patients in several Swiss hospitals: “All of them had high blood pressure. Most of them were overweight”. This is what Professor Alexander Tsankov, who heads the autopsy department at the University Hospital in Basel, said.
By the end of May 2020, more than 300,000 people worldwide had died, most, about 2/3, mostly of blood pressure, obesity, and heart problems, as well as people of old age. The actual health and immunity of the diseased have proved to be the most important factor in the fight against the infection and the recovery.

The primary purpose of this guide is to prevent or reduce the pressure of heart illnesses naturally. We aim to strengthen the immunity, and therefore the general condition of your body, giving you a way to do it.

Therefore, dear reader, do not miss the chance to read this text and find the connection between traditional and natural medicine, to adjust your principles of behavior, and earn a longer life. Please take this book as a guide to recipes for a healthy lifestyle in all its forms – mind, body, and soul.

We have dedicated the book to your health. Therefore, we want to use half of the proceeds from the sales to create logistics centers. This will attract more of the best professionals in the philosophy of possible long life to help the Galileo Project expand, and be ongoing support for all those who crave it. Please also accept this book as a guide to healthy lifestyle recipes in all its forms – mind, body, and spirit.

From the Author