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Introduction: Philosophy of Your Presence. Is high-blood pressure such a quite killer? Is the High-Blood Pressure Killer so quiet?

A true and constructive focus on every problem, proper navigation to solve it in the turbulent ocean of life, to achieve a thriving health filled with calm and grace is a basic life need of every normal person on this planet. Most healthy people forget about it. Access to the goods of everyone’s freedom is preceded by his physiological and mental health. Health is our natural state, and so everything else falls away as a life purpose and action if it is disturbed. Do you want to be a bearer and an expression of your own ability to be a humanitarian, literate and competent person? A person who clears the way of the masses towards a healthy and constructive morality, idealism, self-denial, maximum self-denial to achieve their goals? You are a tall specialist, a master, do you feel an important element of the company you work in? Act it!

However, your model of life that affects your health needs to be combined with your actions because solving thousands of life issues will force you to break the natural approach to your life.

Today hundreds of millions of people worldwide suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure). On your first visit to the cardiologist you get a prescription that has to be fulfilled for the rest of your life. You are already interested in whether you can get rid of this fate, but you are confronted with statistics.
Oh! More than a quarter of people over 30 years of age are already hypertensives. Nearly 1.5 billion people on the planet suffer from high blood pressure. The age limit of the patients decreases. 8 million a year die or fall into an incapacitated state. The World Health Organization has been alerted to this problem and doctors have to take care of you along with the thriving business of pharmaceutical companies.

Your cardiologist obliges you to take your medication because the other option is suddenly to get a stroke or a heart attack and that will ultimately change your one and only life. Or hope until the end for another fate in the next … The hypertonic is threatened and with reason, he is already starting his day with medications for his high blood pressure. Day after day, weeks, years … Treatment? To end !!!
Often, people do not attach much importance to monitoring your blood pressure and ignore its presence, but hypertension does indeed ruin your health. But when they understand this, it may be too late. So check the condition in time. Do not let your high blood pressure become a quiet killer. This is a definition of the neoks of the last century, who have suffered from the experiments of all sorts of revolutions with them.

“The Galileo Project”. Our model of deliverance from this cruel problem of civilization is really new! The authors who write on this issue have different concepts. Doctors, nutritionists, sports professionals and a number of authors are watching the process and giving different opinions.
And all are true or have reasons.
Only you can establish our contribution. The basis of our model is that every individual – individually – has to formulate his life recipe to eliminate his dependence on high blood pressure, using the achievements of thought, science, research from the highest point of today.

So let’s ponder a little. The basis of progress is the replacement of the quantitative principle with the qualitative. Replace the role of the incompetent, disoriented, and demoralized “critical mass of people”, with the role of a competent, moral, self-negative personality, sacrificing personal interest in the interest of all its citizens and the role of that person, to be recognized. It is so in all spheres and areas of life without exception. Do not look for such people in pharmaceutical companies or among doctors who, after the oath of Hippocrates, fall into different financial and life relationships. It is the independence that you will see later that is the main criterion for your success. A complicated question!

You have to decide what you want. But once you find your hypertension, it is already clear that you have to organize yourself in such a way as to get the best possible for yourself.You need a new worldview. That is why we are publishing this book – “The Galileo Project”. In the name of the explorer!If you understand what is said in it, it will be your guide to deliverance, a final deliveran ce from this scourge of society – high blood pressure.

Last but not least, a very little philosophy, thought or awareness of your spirit and your psyche. When you get your first information that you suffer from high blood pressure, this should mean that you have breached the natural balance in your body. Does it mean !? Not somebody else, but you did that.

The condition for any development realized by Heraclitus conceived by Demokritus and finally formulated by Kant is: “Unity and the struggle of opposites – the essence of development.” Accept that your hypertension at the time of its initial discovery or shortly after is exactly the opposite of your health! How the events will develop afterwards. Medications for the rest of your life and, if not – a heart attack, a stroke !? Or complete healing !!!The aforementioned philosophical thinkers, however, have made a significant omission in their formulation of Development.

They did not say how long and how far this struggle should go. The answer to this question gives a formulated Basic Law of Nature: the Law of Equilibrium. Applying the principle of unity and the fight against opposites, which is inconsistent with this basic law of nature, the Equilibrium Act (the Balance Act), is the cause of the destruction of entire civilizations, ideologies, religions, states, political doctrines, any formations. It is out of your reach, but it is a natural law and it concerns your health, that is, your blood pressure. Fighting the opposites in your body should be led above all at the mental, mental level until balance, balance, normal blood pressure.
This is a fundamental, natural, human and philosophical law.

The struggle between opposites must lead to a balance between them.
The history of civilization shows that by not following this most basic natural law, the struggle between opposites, thesis and antithesis leads to the complete destruction of one side by the other. Do not violate the Bill of Independence Act or work for its recovery if you feel that the destruction exists. Get to know, be aware and start. You will only temporarily overcome medication, but you will actually destroy yourself.

So read this book and choose your set of measures to balance your body
The condition is that for every development and fight against the opposites, what your high blood pressure is for you, it is to get to balance, their balance.

Sincerely, Galentin Vlahov

The research on this project consists in about 500 experts interviewed in various areas of healthcare and all human knowledge. Some have written questions on the topic on the Internet, others have written articles and books that only partially relate to the “Galileo Project”. These conclusions have been reached after exploring the ancient world experience, the most modern and most innovative methods, and facts that have been kept as a secret over the years.. Some of the specialists are even persecuted for their allegations. And most importantly, following the profound analysis of facts and technologies, the scientific and practical model of synthesis is applied, and the philosophical approach of natural balance is applied between science and practice.