Own your DECISIONS or you will end up in EMERGENCY ROOM                           

Are you convinced that this modern scourge of civilization – high blood pressure – is a pandemic that encompasses the whole world? The gravity of this worldwide problem is the deadly consequences that its existence leads if it is not mastered in a timely manner. Do not overlook high blood pressure. Immediately deal with its healing. Hypertension is a lethal disease that causes the heart attack and stroke … and many other concomitant illnesses! 

So watch your blood pressure regularly, check it out of hand, because its very existence goes unnoticed. It may not be long enough until it gets too late. Only you can be responsible for all this.

I would not write and compose this book if I did not experience everything on myself. My fight against hypertension has ended successfully. Of the seven pills, daily 2 times, today I live for 15 years without them! Of course, I regularly monitor my blood pressure. Of course it is sometimes higher. But the truth is that this happens when I deviate from my concept of life, and as soon as I get back to my concept of the Galileo Project things are normalized right away. Today I have no symptoms of high blood pressure.

“Galileo” includes some elements for quick tips taken from Oriental medicine that are more than two millennia, as well as techniques that will transform your life, confidence and most will protect the long-term health. If someone gives you only one reason or identifies it as the most important thing, that doesn’t mean that this is the actual truth at all.

The causes of high blood pressure are numerous, there are mutual relationships between them and your goal is to compose your complex of actions and behaviors that will eliminate the problem.

The “Galileo Project” has exactly such a logistical and systemic approach that will lead first to the total limitation and halting of high blood pressure medicines. Which also means that if you find the problem, the first thing you should do is immediately contact your doctor. If you are someone is trying to convince you, that you only regulate your high blood pressure with drugs, diet, weight loss, or eating certain foods in a certain way, do not trust it. He will find a way to get rid of the responsibility for his advice because one can not keep 100 percent of all the recommendations. And it will transfer responsibility to you! For this, there is a minimal complex to which we will go further.

If someone tells you that with sport and music you will overcome hypertension, do not be fooled. The issue is too serious and c omplex.

That is, your set of solutions is a matter of choice, a personal discovery and is called the “Galileo Project”. It is personal or individual. Your choice is dynamic, you can replace one technology with another to achieve an effect, depending on the problems you carry with you.

It’s time to get together!

So, once you are with your doctor, you get a prescription from him that will regulate your blood pressure. But this will be temporary until the next recipe. You will get “stronger” pills or more doses. To cure the body here is no longer just about regulating blood pressure, so drugs become your regular companion in life. They enter your personal budget seriously and even create you a sense of dependence, deficiency or inferiority. You are now someone else – a sick person, and in your purse you wear an envelope of medicines that you should not forget, and you have to take a schedule. You are the man with a schedule for taking pills.

If the pills are a high blood pressure saver, why the problem doesn’t get solved and you end up having them them while you’re alive? They do not heal. The problem is only solved when your blood pressure is normal when you wake up from your sleep and you have forgotten about the pills and have eliminated all the risks of heart disease. Modern traditional medicine does not commit to such a purpose and opportunity. However, if you master the philosophy, logic and practice gathered in the “Galileo Project” and make your concept, you will master the problem yourself. You will control your blood pressure by yourself, you will get your self-esteem back and become a specialist in the problem yourself. You will share your practices with your loved ones or introduce these practices into your life model and beat this human evil called hypertension. High blood pressure is already under threat of being destroyed if you embrace the ideas and practices of this book. You will not believe it yourself, and you will doubt the outcome for a long time. This is a very good reaction because you will build your habit for regular monitoring of normal blood pressure. So the doubts will bring you to this crossroads. Your salvation is in the “Galileo Project”. Practical actions will lead to:

• Reduce to a minimum the risk of heart attack or stroke

• Control of blood pressure • Adhering the body to normal blood pressure without pills

• Reduce the risk of kidney failure or diabetes

• Reduce the risk of getting cancer

• Conditions for the normalization of overweight and healthy weight loss

You still think this is utopia. You still can not believe it because you have been lied so many times. Is the world based on the principles of deception, or you cannot recognize where the truth is? If that is what you think, what can I promise you?

Okay – let me tell you something! Your youthful metabolism changes with age. Your power decreases over time. Your stereotype of life changes you as a physiology. Can we deal with this process? The truth is that no one has ever coped with aging. But why not slow down this process and support metabolism with different techniques and concepts, get out of stereotypes. Except for this process, we will talk about water, food, psychology and substance, and more! For the East and the West! And for the unhealthy interests that move the world and they push you in the wrong direction!

You can handle all this! And it’s not just an ad, but a lot of people who thank us and share with admiration what they have done. You will feel the results immediately after the first week, if you properly manage your complex, selected by the Galileo Project! I promise that after the first week you will feel another person! You will change your life! You will rejoice in your life, and we will bring you into the great wisdom of life to keep yourself safe, so let your journey begin. Let’s get together far and forget about hypertension.Take this DECISION!


Once you beat high blood pressure, how about the feedback you will give to your traditional healers?


Do not forget that there are 500 experts in this book, including doctors – cardiologists, , endocrinologists, internal diseases , cardiac and vascular surgeons, and so on. But there are also specialists in holistic medicine, professors, Eastern medicine researchers, paramedics, phytotherapists, and many, many inexhaustible rages to the problem.

And “Galileo” for all of them means – discovery! I know when you will certainly go our way. You do not have to reach this point, but if it happens I’ll give you some tips when you hit the phone to call.