On a warm autumn day Mary goes out for a walk in the nature with friends. During the march suddenly she stumbles and falls. For a while, it’s hard for her to get up, her friends are trying to help, and insist on calling out “Emergency”. She refuses, she says she has no problem, everything is fine with her and she’s just not used to her new shoes. Her friends help her stand up, sit her comfortably and wait for a little rest. Then they all continue to enjoy the excursion, although with the thought that Mary all along seemed a little inadequate. Later on they were told that Mary is being taken to hospital in an emergency. A few hours later Mary died. From a stroke that doctors find out she received during the picnic. The neurologist who accepted Mary in the emergency unit shares that if within three hours after receiving the stroke,  Mary was brought to the hospital or given first aid on the spot, she would have been alive and the consequences of the stroke completely removed.


If you have any doubts that your loved one is struck by a stroke, immediately check his condition with three or four simple tasks:

► Make them feel comfortable and SMILE.

► Ask him / her to speak and say a simple sentence. For example: The sun shines bright.

► Make them ROTATE both hands at the same time and put them in the air. Failure to deal with these tasks or part of them means seeking urgent medical attention immediately. Besides the methods described above, there is another way to recognize stroke:

► Ask your loved one to keep their tongue out – if the tongue is crooked or irregular in shape, if it hangs on one side, this is also a sure sign. Exactly these four symptoms are the first information you must report to the emergency team called by you to provide first aid.

R. S .: Now pass this message on to at least another ten friends and acquaintances. Save life!

0.2.Heart Attack !?

It often happens that people are alone when they are experiencing a heart attack. If you suddenly feel your heart beats “wrong” and you are near a fainting, you only have about 10 seconds before you lose consciousness.

This heart attack is a symptom of upcoming heart attack. At the same time, all victims of heart attacks can help themselves. To do this, try not to panic or lose consciousness – start coughing as much as you can. Every time before you cough, take a deep breath. The cough should be deep and prolonged as if you were to get some tedious and huge sputum from the chest.

► Inhalations and coughing should be repeated every 2 seconds without interruption or stopping until medical attention arrives or until the heart begins to beat again at normal rhythm.  

  ► Deep breaths allow oxygen to penetrate the lungs, and coughing is a kind of compression. This helps the heart and blood to begin circulating again.

► This pressure on the heart helps to achieve its normal rhythm. Thus, victims of a heart attack can save the situation, at least until a doctor arrives.

► Cardiologists will ensure that if at least one has shared this information with 10 people, at least one life can be saved.  No alternatives, Only medicine in its purest form!

► Bite the nail bed on your little finger to stop the heartbeat . In palpitations, bite the nail bed on the small finger of your left hand. Chinese medicine recommends this remedy as the fastest way to stop tachycardia. On the ends of the toes and fingers on both sides of the nail bed, there are points for “quick help”. Their impact is miraculous even in the collapse. Massaging these points is also recommended for people suffering from low blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and limbs throat.

P. S .: Tell him to a larger number of people. This can save human life.        

After such events, you have already made a decision and you have come into the dilemma of whether you will live long or … You have now crashed. This imbalance and your life failure lead you back to reflection on the length of life. You wonder if something can still be done. Then we’ll bring you back to ancient studies of life, what our ancestors thought, whether they were not wiser than us. Това е за Everything for High Blood Pressure