The most common eating errors that cause malaise, fatigue, and digestive problems:

  1. Drinking while eating
  2. Fruit (fresh or dried) for dessert
  3. Mixing sweet and/or dried fruit with nuts, seeds, and possibly with some sweetener (honey, maple syrup), as is the case with most types of cereals and muesli.
  4. Mixing sweet and/or dried fruit with other fruit containing acids
  5. Eating sweet and/or dried fruit with or after highly concentrated proteins.


Have you ever had a glass of fruit juice for dessert? Your stomach already has salad, potatoes with vegetables, and baked cheese. On top of all this comes the juice that would otherwise leave the stomach in a matter of minutes, and now it will wait its turn for hours. His “anger” over the delay is also expressed in ways already known.

The correct sequence, according to Dr Bass:

  1. Drinks are drunk 30-60 minutes before meals. Drinking 2 glasses before a meal is recommended.
  2. Fruit is always eaten on an empty stomach, never with other foods and never for dessert. When eating fruit, there are additional features that need to be considered: The melon is eaten before all other fruits, followed by acid-containing fruit such as citrus, pineapple, blackberries, grapes, pomegranate, pickles and the latter, the latter are sweet fruit (pears, sweet apples, bananas).
  3. After the fruit, you should wait 15 minutes before eating anything else. – Vegetables are eaten before starchy foods. I.e. salads and vegetable dishes should always be on the table before the main meal and not with it.
  4. Starch-containing meals are always eaten before those with a predominant protein concentration. Carbohydrate toppings like potatoes, rice, pasta and more. Are taken BEFORE meat, fish and eggs.

“And last but not least, consider the time at which food is digested. First is the one that is most easily milled, and which requires more time – the last.