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Final Analysis: “pandemic scares” is the key word in Rockefeller Foundation’s “Lock Step” scenario

Coronavirus virus outbreak and coronaviruses influenza background as dangerous flu strain cases as a pandemic medical health risk concept with disease cells as a 3D render (Coronavirus virus outbreak and coronaviruses influenza background as dangerous

“For the identification of each country on the abscissa please consult the Interesting results came out of the data for Germany, again, which we plot in separate batches for the former DDR and the former West Germany. The two couples of graphs below offer the comparison for the “infected” cases, and for the “fatalities, ” respectively. As in the preceding paper /5/ the numbers on the abscissa reflect the population density of the respective Länder; the actual values per federate…”

The comparison was like a shark and a spit

In social networks, in the queue in front of the supermarket, in the television studio, in YouTube and in the media, in Germany and in Bulgaria – the thesis that the coronation crisis is just an exaggerated panic of all humanity is present everywhere. The coronavirus is no worse than any previous flu and if it wasn’t for the mass tests, no one would have noticed it, says Dr. Wolfgang Vodarg, one of the most frequently quoted skeptics. Vodarg is a pulmonologist, formerly a member of the Bundestag of the GSDP and a board member of Transparency International in Germany, but according to an expert report by ARD journalists, a number of facts are deliberately omitted or silenced in his reports.

His reassuring allegations are too good to be true, writes Zuddeutz Zeitung, who sought the expert opinion of virologist George Bornkam.

At a relative humidity of 40 to 60%, the coronavirus attenuates the infection

A study by American and Swiss scientists on humidity that weakens the coronavirus was published in the Annual Review of Virology.

Experts have determined that COVID-19 is transmitted from sick to healthy significantly less frequently with a relative humidity of 40 to 60%. What contributes most to the morbidity of the virus is dry cool air.

Flu Vaccine Increases Coronavirus Risk 36% Says Military Study


A recent military study shows military personnel evaluated who received the flu vaccine were at 36 percent increased risk for coronavirus with varied benefit in preventing some strains of the flu.

“Examining noninfluenza viruses specifically, the odds of both coronavirus and human metapneumovirus in vaccinated individuals were significantly higher when compared to unvaccinated individuals (OR = 1.36 and 1.51, respectively) (Table 5).”

The flu vaccine studied demonstrated varied benefit in flu prevention – – some strains showed significant benefit while others did not.

Titled, Influenza vaccination and respiratory virus interference among Department of Defense personnel during the 2017–2018 influenza season, the report on the study addresses the phenomena of vaccine virus interference of the influenza vaccine.


Dr.Fauchi:”Scientific information in COVID-19 pandemic situations saves lives.”

Dr. Anthony Fauchi, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious In his speeches, Dr. Fauci notes the importance of scientific information and facts during a crisis and stresses that in situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic, it saves lives.

Diseases, is the most trusted expert on pandemic issues in the United States. He heads Deputy Prime Minister Mike Pence’s coronavirus headquarters. Dr. Fauchi has a cold-blooded scientific judgment about the scale of the epidemic and is honest with politicians and American citizens. “It’s really difficult, because I have to be honest with American citizens, but I don’t want to scare them to death,” Dr. Fauchi told Politico. “On the other hand, sometimes in an effort to reassure people, leaders push them into disinterest and irresponsibility,” he adds.

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